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Who We Are

Michigan Steel is a manufacturing company that has been based out of Flint Michigan for 25 years. We manufacture and install metal products for many diverse industries. We are well established with the General Contractors in our region and our clients include some of the largest corporations in the world; GM, Ford, Chrysler, Tower Automotive, Johnson Controls, Kuka, Magna, Freightliner, etc. We have completed multiple local and out of state jobs for municipalities, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, pump stations, MDOT, etc. We have done projects all over the 50 states and continuously ship products all over the world.

All our shop employees are certified welders. Many of them holding several certifications in different processes and materials. We have all the equipment necessary to perform work in any material and any process typical for our industry. This allows us to be very competitive among a broad range of industries and gives us the ability to accommodate most any situation or requirements. We also have an in-house blacksmith that gives us the ability to handle any highly ornamental projects.